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Purcerverance - Boat Speed & Technique Analysis

 Boat Speed & Technique Analysis sheets are developed from video shot perpendicular to the path of the shell while the crew is rowing at race rate. The speed curve is linked to rowing technique positions and performance analysis is based on technique, time and acceleration of the boat to provide coaches insight to opportunities for improvements.

1. Video Capture. 

     a) Coaches can provide video which must be taken as per the Video Standards (see How to Video for Speed Curve Analysis in the FILES section of this website).

     b) Purververance will be videoing at designated regattas and coaches can contact Mike to book video capture. 

2. Coaches will receive Boat Speed & Technique Analysis sheets that include a full analysis with comments and recommendations related to performance improvement opportunities.  

Cost:     Singles $49,   Crew Boats $59

Register for Purcerverance – Boat Speed & Technique Analysis by emailing Mike Purcer  ( purcerverance@gmail.com )


For more information contact Mike Purcer at purcerverance@gmail.com  



Rigging, (2014 Ed) in PDF format is ideal to save on your computer or smartphone for immediate reference.  Using the Adobe APP the file is easy to search with rigging information always at your fingertips. 

Rigging is an in-depth reference guide to selecting and setting-up the boat, rigger and oar.  This book identifies rigging adjustments and provides an explanation of how they affect the stroke.  There are numerous standard rigging charts for coaches with less experience to provide a place to start. 

Individual rigging and advanced rigging sections provide experienced coaches a discussion to take rigging to the next level.  Mike would be the first to say that rigging does not win races and in the same conversation remind you that poor rigging has lost races. 

Cost $17  

To order your PDF copy of Rigging by emailing purcerverance@gmail.com  You will receive a PayPal invoice for $17 CAD that can be paid by credit card or PayPal account and your copy of Rigging will be emailed to you.