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Purcerverance Boat Speed, Rigging and Technique Analysis

These curves show both your boat speed and the corresponding acceleration.  The RIGGING section analyzes the six factors of rigging efficiency and provides valuable insight to possible adjustment to improve effectiveness.  The TECHNIQUE section calculates nineteen different aspects of boat movement based on power application, and rowing technique.  This helps identify where there are opportunities for improved speed.   

To get your boat speed curve and feedback on your rigging and rowing technique go to home page and email Purcerverance.  

Technique Analysis Sheet

Purcerverance Boat Speed Technique Analysis sheet.  In this example we analysis Ondrej Synek (CZE), five time World Champion.  This sheet was developed from video taken of the M1x Final A race at the 2018 World Rowing Championships, at the 1250m mark. 

The boat speed curve (blue) shows one complete stroke and is matched with an acceleration curve (green).  Below the curves is the sheet information and below that the bottom two sections of the page provide Graph Analysis data and Technique Analysis Based on Speed Curve information. 


The bottom section lists technique factors, and shows data from Mr. Synek’s analysis.  In blue text we have added comments related Mr. Synek’s technique analysis data.  To provide comparative data for the analysis, on the far right of this section (in red text), is the average for each factor based on all athletes in the M1x A and B Finals at the 2018 World Rowing Championships.       

Further technique analysis is possible by linking the speed curve and the video. 


Purcerverance Boat speed curves

This video explains the data found on the Curve Analysis Sheet.  

Sample curves


2017 World Rowing Championships

Final A M4- AUS

Ranked by Purcerverance best curve at the regatta

Reading Boat Speed Curves

  • This file outlines the various sections on the Boat Speed Analysis Sheet