How to video for speed curve analysis

Camera Setup for Boat Speed Analysis

1) Setup video camera on tripod (stationary) aimed perpendicular to the path of the boat.

2) The camera should be at a distance from the boat 5 to 10 times the boat length.

3) The camera should be set to record at 60 frames per second (FPS) if possible, 30 FPS is also acceptable. Almost all video formats are usable. 

4) Aim the camera to allow the boat to cross through the viewfinder frame horizontally through the centre of the screen. 

5) The camera should be zoomed in to record the bow of the boat, athlete and blade from mid recovery through one complete stroke to mid drive on the second stroke.

6) Place a bow marker on the boat to allow easy tracking.

7) The crew should be rowing at race rate and intensity as in body of race (not sprinting) .  Video taken of the crew in the body of the race is ideal. 

8) Measure and record the length of the shell from bow to stern. 

9) Record the rigging dimensions of spread, oar length, inboard and blade type.

10) Send the video along with the boat length and rigging dimensions to Video file size over 5mb will need to be transferred via dropbox. Email purcerverance for access to a Drobox to upload your file(s).

Seat racing

  1. Seat Racing is used by many coaches in the crew selection process.  Here are two files that detail the Purcer Matrix developed in the late 1970's.  This method uses two fours to seat race eight athletes in an effort to find the best boat movers.   

4.5 Seat Racing Fours (pdf)


Seat Race Analysis (xlsx)